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Clothing Label Manufacturer in Istanbul - Turkey

Welcome to our web site:  www.clothinglabelmanufacturer.com

Our company established in 1997 as the woven label manufacturer company in Istanbul Turkey. Therefore, we've got many years experience in manufacturing clothing labels. We have manufactured laser cut labels, hang tags, leather labels and pvc labels so far. With our professional team we have gained lots of clients among famous international (especially England and France) as well as domestic companies. We are serving especially to the textile clothing manufacturers, home textile manufacturers, shoe manufacturers and many other manufacturing companies in different fields. As a clothing label Manufacturer Company we guarantee give the best prices for the woven labels.

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Address: Davutpaža cad. no:8/474  Topkapi-Zeytinburnu/ ISTANBUL- TURKEY 
Zipcode: 34010

Web: www.clothinglabelmanufacturer.com
Email:  info@clothinglabelmanufacturer.com

whatsapp: +90 541 311 21 21 (Mr.Yusuf)


(sample price: 1cmx5cm , 2 color, 1000 pcs, woven label is only 15 usd)  Paypal  payment accepted.

we could export to UK, Canada, Australia ,durbani ,johannesburg,usa, mumbai,  kolkata, karachi,  delhi,  philippines, greece, denmark, sweden, france, italy, England- uk,south africa, usa, mumbai,  france, denmark, italy, philippines, delhi, karachi, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Canada, south africa,Australia, Newyork,
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Label folding types:

Label folding types

Woven label manufacturing in our factory in istanbul.

Label manufacturing process in the woven label  machinery.

The weaving of woven labels in label sewing mahines.

Damaskplus Clothing Labels
Wovenx Damaskplus labels are the best selling woven clothing labels, and for good reason. Clients love the way they look on their garments apparels or bags,shoes. The finish is opaque in appearance and has a soft, subtle texture with a very tight weave. This type of clothing labelx is suitable for high-end garments that require a refined trim finish. The loom weaves of this label slower than other labels thereby giving the label a nice uniform weave. This type of weave is the perfect label if you are searching for a clothing label that will give a high-end impression. The damask label is also ideal for intricate logo or artwork. The slower loom speed allows great depth in logos, color separation, detail and clarity.

Woven name label  are used especially in the garment  to show the Trademark of the manufacturer of garments and sizes of the clothing like, S, M,L,XL. The best thing about the woven name labels has very long life for the washing . You could see the writings on them as long as you use the garment. With these  label machinery , tie, purse, or other type of fabrics could be manufactured but the most important and mostly used ones are woven trademark labels.So you order could be 1000 pieces or 1000000 (1 million) pieces do not hesitate to contact us for the wholesale label prices.

whatsapp: +90 541 311 21 21 (Mr.Yusuf)





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